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NBA 2K17 will be adding more new teams

We’ll just have to wait and see if NBA 2K17 Games makes an official announcement on it. We do know that a Summer League is included in the new game. Calling All Writers: Become a contributor and write about games at AOTF! Pasta Padre notes there’s a good chance we may see some of these teams in NBA 2K17 via the game’s MyPlayer mode. Gallagher answered “oh yeah” when he was asked if NBA 2K17 will be adding more new teams. If you have a favorite retro team, they might be revealed at a later date. 
We may also see some more International teams too if people want them in there. Since then, the absence of a college basketball has created a huge void in the NBA 2K17 sports video game universe. That void feels its largest during this time of year. On Thursday, the Arkansas Little Rock Trojans upset the Purdue Boilermakers 85-83 in a double-overtime thriller. After watching that game, many gamers/sports fans might have gone to their respective gaming consoles to get their virtual college basketball fix. 
Unfortunately, that’s no longer possible. At this point, the odds of seeing a college NBA 2K17 sports video game again are still quite low in the next calendar year — as it would seem that legal structures to protect game makers and schools would need to be enacted for a renewed effort to begin. At this time there hasn’t been much push for such structures to be enacted — at best we are probably a couple of years away from a return of college sports games. The more realistic outcome, however, is that we’ll be waiting for quite a long time for a return of NCAA Football or NBA 2K17 Basketball.
If nothing else, EA and NBA 2K17 have to know that the sports gaming community is hungry for a rebirth of collegiate sports games. NBA 2K17 is a probably a much easier sell because the interest in college football lasts several months. The sports world only goes crazy for college hoops in March. The PlayStation 4 and NBA 2K17 led hardware and software sales respectively in the month of September according to data recently released by NPD.  Overall spending on games across the board were down considerably in the month on a year over year basis.   
Factoring in last year’s release of Destiny, a game that likely urged many consumers to make the jump to new hardware and drops begin to make more sense. On the software side of things, the data that NPD tracks (physical copies sold) indicate that sales were also down.  These numbers may be somewhat skewed to what the actual total sales tallies are, when factoring in comments from Sony that claim September was the highest grossing month in history for the PlayStation Store.
The NBA 2K17 PlayStation 4 led all in hardware sales for the month, but again, all consoles saw a considerable drop in sales.  Hardware declined 27 percent in the month when compared to September 2014. "NBA 2K17" will launch on Sept. 20, and fans who pre-order the game will be able to receive four days earlier from the launch date. Along with pre-ordering the game, the standard edition will also come with 5,000 Virtual Currency, a MyTeam bundle that includes three packs with a guaranteed Paul George Free Agent card and more.