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NBA 2K17 official picture exposure --Dream 12 team will be present

Recently, the very unpopular 2K series of Games NBA has exposed the picture of 2K17, new game joined dream one and dream twelve team. In addition, American men's basketball team meritorious coach Krzyzewski will also debut in 2K games.
The American dream team will serve as welfare, provide for those pre-order this game. Undoubtedly, it is a good news that Barkley, Pippin and some other people also appeared in the game for the game players. At present, it is not clear whether Barkley will join the TNT commentary day group composed of Shaq, Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith, who make game analysis before and after the matches.
And the American dream twelve men's basketball coach old K coach will first appear in the 2K series of games, he will appear in the dream coach on the sidelines of the twelve men's basketball team. In addition, he will also appear in some teach course of basketball tactics, such as moving the ball, defensive stance and so on.
Coach K feel very excited to appear in dream 12 in the game's debut, basketball has become a symbol exercise of American sports, he is very happy that dream 12 can join the new 2K games, at the same time, 2K17 also will team up the legend of dream team and present players. With Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Buckley et., Dream team has been considered to be one of the strongest team player in the history of basketball.
In the 2K17 game, the players will have the opportunity to see the contest of dream one and dream twelve, which make up for a lot of fans’ regret for failing to see the two teams live contest. And this is the second time for the dream appear in 2K series of games after 2K13. 2K17 is 2K games after 2k13 the second time to cooperate with the United States National Men's basketball team, 2K games companies also expect can through this way to celebrate the current American National Men's basketball team in the Olympic Games victory, as well as to hope to evoke to have memories of the respect of club legend.
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