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It must be a strategy of NBA 2K17 Games to further promote the basketball simulation video game “NBA 2K17” now that the NBA competition is on its penultimate phase with Game 5 of the NBA Finals happening on June 13 which can possibly be the final game of the year should the Golden State Warriors win agai...

Prior to the release of “NBA 2K17” last year, the hype was saying that the NBA 2K17 Career mode of “NBA 2K17” is going to be a game-changer but when the game finally rolled out to the PC and the gaming consoles in September last year, the feature fell below fan expectations. Biggest need: The...

NBA 2K17 will offiically launch on Sept. 20, as reported by IGN. The standard edition of the game was previously announced to feature Paul George on the cover, but as stated in a report from Sports Rageous, there will be six other stars to be featured. Thus far, only one more NBA star has to be revealed. I have been...

NBA2K started revealing NBA 2K17 roster on Friday, June 3 with Towns who joined George in the promotional art. The account took a break over the weekend and resumed on Monday, June 6 with Drummond. Durant followed on Tuesday, June 7 and Butler was the last on Wednesday, June 8 before Irving was announced. Kobe Bryan...

How times flies! NBA 2K17 is less than two months away from its official release in September. We are all wait it’s arrival with anticipation. According to the previous reports, we knew that there would be some new features in upcoming NBA 2K17. Absolutely, we are excepting more new features in NBA 2K17. &...

The free market has not yet started, the rumors about Kevin - Durant transfer have been rampant. Durant recently went to visit Austin, Texas to participate in commercial activities, his alma mater, the University of Texas at Austin is here.   As a teenager from Washington, Durant received many Eastern u...